Each member of the Staff team supports the Squadron in a variety of ways. Members of the Staff team are either uniformed Cadet Forces Adult Volunteers (CFAV) or Civilian Instructors.

Fg Off Ben Turnbull RAFAC (Officer Commanding)

Ben joined 2375 Squadron in 2014, rising through the Cadet ranks to CWO. Ben participated in a wide range of activities during his time as a Cadet. As a Staff Cadet, Ben was the Squadron Training Officer and a member of the Wing Training and First Aid team, as well as representing Merseyside at the Regional Senior Cadet Forum. Ben became a member of Staff in September 2021 after aging out as a Cadet. Ben transitioned straight into uniformed service as a RAFAC Officer and was appointed as Officer Commanding 2375 (Neston) Squadron in August 2022. Outside of the RAF Air Cadets, Ben is a Theatre Practitioner (Nurse) in Anaesthetics.

Fg Off Will McCormack RAFAC

Fg Off McCormack is our Squadron DofE Officer and Deputy Officer Commanding. Fg Off McCormack has been involved in the Squadron since he joined as a Cadet, and has taken part in a huge range of activities. Fg Off McCormack coordinates our DofE award and ensures the Cadets progress through their different levels. Fg Off McCormack also supports with Adventurous training and is qualified in a number of areas including walking and paddlesports!

Fg Off Tom Morris RAFAC

Fg Off Tom Morris is our Squadron Adventure Training Officer. Fg Off Morris is responsible for all things kayaking, climbing, walking and much more! Fg Off Morris holds a range of qualifications that allow us to undertake Adventurous activities.

WO Mike Hughes RAFAC

Squadron Senior Non Commissioned Officer

CI Marie-Louise Reid

CI Reid is our Squadron training officer. CI Reid has been part of the organisation for a number of years, and has a variety of roles.

CI Richard Spencer

CI Spencer looks after the first class training programme.

CI Alice Fisher

Squadron Adjutant

CI David Compton

Information to follow

CI Gavin Peet

Information to follow

CI Nathan Fields

CI Fields is our flying and gliding officer and looks after all things aviation! CI Fields assists in arranging our flying and gliding sessions at our various airfields and also supports by teaching our various lectures.

By day, CI Fields is studying Engineering at University.

CI Sarah Mitchell

Information to follow

CI Chris Jones

Information to follow

Cpl Fields RAF (Service Instructor)

Cpl Fields is an RAF Service Instructor who supports us with our activities, bringing their service knowledge to benefit the Cadets.

Mr Ben Morris – Civilian Committee

Treasurer, Civilian Committee

Mr Mark Mitchell – Civilian Committee

Chairperson, Civilian Committee

Mr Andrew Langshaw – Civilian Committee

Civilian Committee member

Mr Eamon Fergus – Civilian Committee

Secretary, Civilian Committee

Mr Ray Jones – Civilian Committee

Vice Chairperson, Civilian Committee

Mrs Ann-Marie Mitchell – Civilian Committee

Civilian Committee member